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Registered Nurse and Lactation Counselor, Specializing in Labor and Delivery and Motherhood Support Services



As a nurse specialized in labor and delivery, I know the challenges that new mothers face. I can help make motherhood easier by sharing my experience and knowledge on breastfeeding, colic, sleep in babies, and newborn care. My services include private prenatal classes and breastfeeding support in the comfort of your home in BC. If you are located elsewhere in the Canada, do not worry - I also offer virtual support. Let us empower you and make this journey less overwhelming. Contact me to book a consultation today!

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Lola Williams


"She was very supportive & thorough when answering every single one of our questions – went above and beyond with every answer in her easily understandable approach! I highly recommend Raven to any expecting, new parents as the ultimate “source of truth” for all baby & toddler topics, including infant sleep, breastfeeding."

Witty Mbisa


“Thank you for making me feel like I have control again!” “I have so much more confidence as a mom because of you. Our baby is so much happier now that he’s getting lots of rest! I wish all new parents could experience working with you. You are honestly meant to be doing this.”

Aaron Omale


"On the third night of implementing sleep training, according to Raven’s recommendations, our daughter slept her very first full night, which means Mom & Dad got their first full night sleep in over 11 months! She has since slept through every night with no wake ups. I highly recommend Bump to Parenthood."